Balcony Of Terror [Live 2011]

by Firezone

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The track Balcony of Terror is about the balcony in Markan's old apartment in De Heeg, Maastricht. The track title is exactly how that particular balcony was named. Some wild parties were thrown there and some of the things described in the lyrics did actually happen there. Don’t worry though, the lyrics were metalized, so most is fiction. Still, it was a special time and a special place that will always be remembered. If JC De Flits in De Heeg was the Pikkatrillaz birthplace, the Balcony of Terror was most definitely the place where they were bottle fed. When the time had come to start venturing out with this new band, its secrets just had to be unearthed. These were the first lyrics written for Firezone and this is the first track that was completed as a band. This version was recorded live at a d'n Huppel rehearsal in Ulestraten on Valentine's Day 2011.


Firezone- Balcony Of Terror (lyrics: B. Siersema)

i can see the fear in your eyes
there is no way you can hide
i can taste the sin in the air
on this balcony life’s unfair

walk with me to a place back in time
one nine nine eight, wild year of crime
up these stairs where destiny unfolds
one four one dee, truth be untold

open the door and see the signs
if ya packing, besta grab your nine
one step away from instant doom
on the balcony, click click boom

step up, prove your ways aren’t in error
bow down before the balcony of terror
sentenced to become the curse bearer
learn the hard way on the balcony of terror

you’re not the first to fail the test
gone before you, have the best
see the spark grow cold in your eyes
as you lose faith in religious lies

welcome to the place where giants turn green
where exes freak out and punks get mean
where total terror is unleashed
as rooftops get climbed by the beast

the fall is long and hard the way
that leads to redemption, not astray
feel despair, you’re all alone
got caught up in the free-fire zone

all hope abandoned, all was in error
judgement rained down on the balcony of terror
reality check, now you’re the curse bearer
petrified on the balcony of terror

i can see the fear in your eyes
caught forever in a web of lies
i can taste the cowardice in the air
another sucker down in the dragon’s lair


released July 19, 2011
Balcony of Terror was recorded live at a Valentine's Day rehearsal on 14 February 2011 @ D'n Huppel, Ulestraten by Rik de Opnamepik and Firezone. Lyrics by B. Siersema. Composition by E. Ackermans, R. v.d. Boorn, L. Vinders, B. v. Bergen and B. Siersema. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Firezone Maastricht, Netherlands

Firezone is a five piece crossover metal band from the South of the Netherlands.


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